What is Desert Durum  ?

“Desert Durum” is a Certification Trademark granted in 2016, held jointly by the Arizona Grain Research and Promotion Council and the California Wheat Commission.   

Desert Durum wheat is produced in the low desert valleys of Arizona and California, under irrigated growing conditions and is sought after for its’ excellent milling quality

The Certification Trademark provides unique marketability both domestically and internationally and protects the intrinsic value of durum wheat grown in Arizona and California.

To be sold under the Trademark, Desert Durum wheat must contain at least 90% durum wheat grown in these designated production regions of Arizona and California and under these conditions.


Why Is Desert Durum So Desirable?

The Low Desert growing regions of Arizona and California provide unique environmental conditions that make it prized by end users 

Controlled, consistent growing conditions

Low moisture content grain

High gluten content

Excellent semolina color for bright yellow pasta

Desert Durum delivers yield and quality consistency year in and year out

The first U.S. production region to harvest during the marketing season